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Lens Reglazing


We will re-glaze your favourite spectacles/glasses or sunglasses with new lenses from our stock range as close as possible to the originalsor to your new prescription, coating or protection. We have our own glazing department to reglaze any spectacles.


Whether you need new lenses because of a new prescription or you’d like different type of lens/coating/protection or your lenses are scratched or damaged – send them to Spec Repairs for a good value re-glazing.


We have our own glazing department to reglaze any spectacles. We can re-glaze for single vision prescription, bi-focals, vari-focals, more specialist lenses and prescription sunglasses – all with or without scratch anti-reflective coatings.


We cannot grind out scratches in your existing lenses; it’s not feasible.  But with replacement lenses it’s economical to get a new matching lens.


Reglazing Prices


Single vision lenses:


Standard (1.5 index, stock) uncoated glazed into your own frame = £30




Anti-scratch (H/C) = +£10 to the cost of your lenses


Anti glare and Anti-Reflective (MAR)* = standard +£20, premium (Alize) +£30, Superior (Crizal Forte, guaranteed for 2yrs) +£40.


* Recommend for computer use, night driving and UV protection.



High Index Lenses –Single vision


Thin & light (1.59/1.6) stock lenses = from £60 inc H/C Special Rx from £75


Ultra Thin (1.67) stock lenses = from £120 inc standard MAR Rx from £135


Super Thin (1.74) stock lenses = from £235 inc Superior MAR coating Rx from £250



Quote for high index lenses will be dependent on your prescription (Rx). Just send them in and we will be able to advise the most suitable lenses for your prescription and frames.



Sun-Reactive Lenses:


Top quality, Essilor lenses, fastest reactive times.  Max UV protection, E-SPF 25. Grey or Brown colour choice.


Single vision Transitions, (stock 1.5) = £55 inc anti scratch coating  


Rx transitions (1.5) = from £75


1.6 transitions stock = £115 inc anti scratch coating


1.6 Rx Trans = from £130 inc anti scratch coating


1.67 Rx only Trans = £199 inc standard MAR coating.


Tints & Polarized Lenses for S/V lenses:


“Reglaze your old sunglasses for £30”



Large selection of colours, top quality lenses full UV protection. Just send in your sunglasses and we will match the nearest colour, then ring you to confirm quote.


Plano tinted, into standard frame = £30


Polarised Plano tinted, into standard frame = £50 Grey/Brown or Grey/green tints.


Tints on Prescription  lenses = +£15 to the cost of the lenses.  


Polarised Rx lenses = from £80




Prices include glazing into your own full rim frame, plastic or metal.  For half rim, supra frames add £15 for glazing, for rimless frames add £30 for glazing.

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