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We repair all brands

   Spec Repairs, 104 Oxford Road, Clacton-On-Sea, Essex, CO15 3TH, UK


   Tel: +44 (0) 1255 426 644 | Email: | © 2016 Spec Repairs


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Service Promise


We can repair your spectacles/glasses or sunglasses


– whatever anyone else has told you!


We repair 99.9% of them and that’s hundreds of glasses repairs every week.  We have been saving customers’ spectacles and saving customers money for over 50 years. We repair glasses, reading glasses, spectacles, sunglasses – you name it; we repair it.  We repair all metal spectacle frames and all plastic spectacles frames.  We repair old glasses, new glasses, designer glasses and top brand glasses & sunglasses.


We have been doing this for over 50 years and we’ve repaired literally hundreds of thousands of pairs of glasses/spectacles and sunglasses.  So we do know most of the problems and we do like to solve them!


By Phone, by email, by post


You can phone us now and ask us anything you want to know.  The same goes for email – use our email enquiry form.


After you send us your spectacles using the ORDER FORM, our technicians will assess them on the day we receive them to see exactly what we can do for you, we then call you with your repair options and a complete price inclusive of VAT and P&P. At this point we will require credit/debit card details to proceed with the repair.


Remember, we will always call you first and will not proceed without your say-so!


Fast Turnaround


Once we have your go-ahead we will then complete the repair and post them back to you as soon as possible. We try to do all repairs the same day that they are received at Spec Repairs so please make sure you give us good contact information on the order form.  The vast majority are posted back to customers within 48 hours.


Repairs by Hand


We have been repairing spectacles/glasses for over 50 years and most of it is pretty much the same as it’s always been – by hand.  There isn’t a better way to do it - but it means that each pair gets individual attention and is personally mended & checked by our skilled technicians.


If we don’t have a part (and we have a lot!) we can make it for you.


12 Month Guarantee


All our repair work is guaranteed for 12 months, unless stated at the time of repair for individual cases.  


Rest assured that Spec Repairs will deal with your special spectacles or sunglasses (and with your enquiries) with the care & attention that you’d expect from a company that has been doing it for over 50 years!


While our highly skilled technicians are very careful with all frames and lenses sent in, any repairs carried out are at the customers own risk, and we cannot be held responsible for any lenses damaged in transit or in repair.  Likewise any accessories including cases are sent in at the customers own risk, Premiere Optical cannot be held responsible for any parts or branded/unbranded accessories/cases  sent with spectacles or sunglasses.


Off the shelf Frames supplied by Spec Repairs or our sister company Premiere Optical Shop hold a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, not including accidental damage.  Warranty frames may be repaired by our skilled technicians and/or replaced at Premiere Optical’s discretion after a full inspection of frames onsite/ and or by the frame manufacturers if required.  

Lenses hold a guarantee under the Lenses Manufactures policy only, not Premiere Optical. These are usually subject to Crizal coatings being applied at time of sale, or specific guarantee’s provided by specific lens type and coatings applied.  More information is available on request or from the manufactures direct.

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